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Hi, I'm Paul 👋

I’m from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

I own a sales agency in Cape Town which has served the health and wellness industry for the last 23 years.  

I have always been passionate about helping people live their best lives.

I manage said sales agency from Malaga, Spain, where we moved during Covid. 

As you can imagine, the last couple of years have been very interesting: running a sales agency from so far away, the impact of the pandemic on the South African economy and launching my online coaching business. 

I am an Inner Life Skills Professional Coach and I also trained as a Coach and Councillor with The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. I am passionate about helping my clients be their best selves in good and bad times.

I am also a nutritional therapist and have obtained invaluable experience and knowledge about food, food sensitivities, skincare, addictions, supplements, ageing, and more, over the last 23 years. 

I like to empower people and help them find fulfilment in all aspects of their lives. 

I believe in the power of people to make great things happen. My role is to help you find your voice and make it louder.

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